§ 11.5. Publication of ordinances; codification exempt.  

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  • Every ordinance imposing a penalty, fine, imprisonment or forfeiture for its violation shall after passage be published on the city's website and printed in a daily paper published in the city two times within ten days, and shall not take effect until ten days after such publication has been completed. The city secretary shall note on such ordinances as are required to be published the fact that the same have been published as required by the charter, and the date of such publication, which shall be prima facie evidence of such publication, provided that the provisions of this section shall not apply to zoning laws or revision and codification of the ordinances of the city as the council may from time to time adopt.

( Ord. No. O-7-18, 2-12-2018, as approved by voters as shown on Ord. No. O-19-18, 5-14-2018 )