§ 6.3. Powers and duties of city manager.  

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  • The city manager shall be responsible to the council for the proper administration of all the affairs of the city. The powers and duties herein conferred upon the city manager shall include, but shall not be limited to, the following:


    To appoint and remove any officer or employee of the city except those officers and employees whose appointment or election is otherwise provided for by law or by this charter.


    To prepare the budget annually, submit it to the council, and be responsible for its administration after its adoption.


    To keep the council informed of the financial condition of the city and make recommendations of current and future needs of the city as may seem desirable.


    To attend all meetings of the council, with the right to take part in the discussion, but having no vote. The city manager shall be entitled to notice of all special meetings.


    To execute deeds, deeds of trust, easements, contracts, releases, and all other legal instruments on behalf of the city when authorized by ordinance or resolution of the city council.


    To see to it that the city lives within its budget, or inform the council when it does not.


    To perform such other duties as may be prescribed by this charter or by ordinance or resolution of the council.

( Ord. No. O-7-18, 2-12-2018, as approved by voters as shown on Ord. No. O-19-18, 5-14-2018 )