§ 9.1. Power of initiative.  

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  • The electors shall have the power to propose any ordinance except an ordinance appropriating money or authorizing the levy of taxes, and to adopt or reject the same at the polls, such power being known as the initiative. An initiative petition is valid only if it is signed by registered and qualified electors of the city equal in number to or greater than 20 percent of the votes cast for governor by registered and qualified voters of the City of Palestine in the most recent general election at which that office was filled. Each signer must enter the date the petition is signed next to the signature. A signature may not be counted if the signer fails to date it or if the date of signing is earlier than 90 days before the date the petition is submitted. In addition to the signature and date, the current voter registration number, printed name, and residence address must also appear by each name. There must be no less than 300 signatures on the petition.

( Ord. No. O-7-18, 2-12-2018, as approved by voters as shown on Ord. No. O-19-18, 5-14-2018 )