§ 66-27. Control and command of force.  

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  • (a)

    The members of the police reserve shall be under the authority, control and command of the chief of police, subject to all sections of this Code and of this article.


    Appointments will be made by the chief of police, with the approval of the city manager. Appointments will be made from a list of eligibles established as provided in section 66-28 of this article.


    Each applicant, before appointment to the police reserve, shall subscribe to an oath that he will obey and observe the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State and the laws of this nation, this state and this city and that he will carry out his duties of a member of the police reserve to the best of his ability.

(Ord. No. O-19-96, (Exh. A), 6-24-96; Ord. No. O-30-07, § I, 7-9-2007)