§ 40-308. Landscaping standards.  

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  • (a)

    Residential lots. The following requirements apply to all new residential construction other than multifamily construction of greater than 15 units:


    Not less than 50 percent of the area contained within the building setback area on the lot shall be landscaped area.


    A minimum of two trees (either existing or planted) measuring one inch or greater in diameter shall be within the landscaped area.


    Nonresidential lots and multifamily greater than 15 units.


    Not less than ten percent of the lot shall be landscaped area.


    An area ten feet in width adjacent to each street right-of-way shall be landscaped area. Drives and sidewalks are not permitted in this landscaped area except to the extent to which they may be required to cross the landscaped area to provide access.


    All open, unpaved space including, but not limited to, front, side and rear building setback areas, shall be landscaped area.


    There shall be an average of at least ten feet, and a minimum of five feet of landscaped area and walkway between the building and parking areas.


    Trees, (either existing or planted) measuring two inches or greater in diameter are required in landscaped areas in the following quantities:


    One tree for every 2,000 square feet of landscaped area.


    A minimum of 25 percent of the trees will be single trunk trees that will obtain a minimum height of 30 feet.


    Each tree planted shall be not less than five feet from the edge of the landscaped area.


    All tree plantings shall be encompassed with an approved curb barrier to prevent access by vehicular traffic.


    Ground signs. There shall be a landscaped area not less than ten feet in width located around the supporting structure of each ground sign and extending not less than three feet beyond each end. A hedge or other durable planting, which is not less than one foot in height at the time of planting and which will attain an average height of at least three feet shall extend the entire length and width of the required landscaped area. Two flowering trees, not less than eight feet in height, shall be located within the required landscape area. The remainder of the landscaped area may be in grass or a decorative groundcover.


    Parking lots and other vehicular areas. There shall be a landscaped area as a buffer between the street view and vehicular use areas, parking areas, parking lots, and their parked vehicles. One landscaped island shall be placed at each end of any parking row that has more than ten spaces. Any parking row that terminates adjacent to a required landscaped buffer around the property perimeter may count that landscaping as a landscaped island. Each landscaped island shall be at least 50 square feet. The distribution and location of landscaped islands, peninsulas, and medians may be adjusted to accommodate existing trees or other natural features so long as the total requirements for landscaped islands, peninsulas, and medians for the respective parking areas above is satisfied.

(Ord. No. O-60-11, § III, 12-12-2011)