§ 40-256. Signs for civic events.  

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  • Temporary signs that provide information about, or direct the public to, a special event of civic interest, such as a parade, an organized holiday celebration or a special event on the behalf of a charitable or nonprofit organization are allowed, provided a sign plan is submitted to and approved by the city. A sign plan shall comply with the following general requirements:


    One temporary ground sign, not to exceed 32 square feet in area, may be placed at each major entrance to the event.


    Not more than seven additional temporary ground signs may be located at specified locations in the city as approved by the building official.


    Directional signs shall not be greater than eight square feet in area.


    Signs shall be allowed for not more than ten days prior to, and two days after, the event.


    Signs may not be located on a public right-of-way.

(Ord. No. O-77-08, § I(Exh. A), 10-13-2008; Ord. No. O-52-11, § X, 11-14-2011)