§ 40-253. Signs in the commercial corridor overlay district.  

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  • The following signs are permitted in the commercial corridor overlay district:


    All signage permitted in section 40-252 shall be permitted in this district.


    Pole signs.


    Size and number.


    A single-occupant detached commercial or industrial building, may have one pole sign not more than 400 square feet in area for each lot or tract of land on which a single-occupant detached building is located.


    A commercial or industrial development including plazas and strip centers may have one pole sign at each street frontage. The aggregate sign area for the sign shall not exceed 400 square feet.


    Location and height. A pole sign may not exceed 50 feet in height above the level of the crown of an adjacent street or natural ground, whichever is higher, shall be set back not less than ten feet from the street right-of-way and not less than ten feet from interior or rear property lines. In the event that there is a public utility easement adjacent to the street right-of-way, the sign shall not encroach into said easement unless an agreement is established with the utilities department with the City of Palestine.

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