§ 38-61. Responsibilities of director.  

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  • The emergency management director shall have responsibility for the following:


    The direction and control of the actual disaster operations of the city emergency management organization, as well as the training of emergency management personnel.


    The determination of all questions of authority and responsibility that may arise within the emergency management organization of the city.


    The maintenance of necessary liaison with other municipal, county, district, state, regional, federal or other emergency management organizations.


    The marshaling, after declaration of a disaster, of all necessary personnel, equipment or supplies from any department of the city to aid in the carrying out of the emergency management plan.


    The issuance of all necessary proclamations as to the existence of a disaster and the immediate operational effectiveness of the city emergency management plan.


    The issuance of reasonable rules or directives which are necessary for the protection of life and property in the city. Such rules shall be filed in the office of the city secretary and shall receive widespread publicity, unless publicity would be of aid and comfort to the enemy.


    The supervision of the drafting and execution of mutual aid agreements, in cooperation with the representatives of the state and of other local political subdivisions of the state, and the drafting and execution, if deemed desirable, of an agreement with the county in which the city is located and with other municipalities within the county for the countywide coordination of emergency management efforts.


    The supervision of and final authorization for the procurement of all necessary supplies and equipment, including acceptance of private contributions which may be offered for the purpose of improving emergency management within the city.


    The authorizing of agreements, after approval by the city attorney, for use of private property for public shelter and other purposes.

(Code 1968, § 9-4)