§ 2-292. Records liaison officers.  

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  • (a)

    Each department head shall designate a member of his staff to serve as records liaison officer for the implementation of the records management program in the department. If the records management officer determines that, in the best interest of the records management program, more than one records liaison officer should be designated for a department, the department head shall designate the number of records liaison officers specified by the records management officer. Persons designated as records liaison officers shall be thoroughly familiar with all the records created and maintained by the department and shall have full access to all city records maintained by the department. If the resignation, retirement, dismissal or removal of a person designated as a records liaison officer occurs by action of the department head, the department head shall promptly designate another person to fill the vacancy. A department head may serve as records liaison officer for his department.


    In addition to other duties assigned in this division, a records liaison officer shall:


    Conduct or supervise the conduct of inventories of the records of the department in preparation for the development of records control schedules;


    In cooperation with the records management officer, coordinate and implement the policies and procedures of the records management program in his department; and


    Disseminate information to department staff concerning the records management program.

(Code 1968, §§ 2-140, 2-141)