§ 26-146. Required; application.  

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  • (a)

    Any dealer who engages in the business of buying crafted precious metals shall obtain a permit before engaging in such business within the city.


    Any person desiring such a permit shall make application in writing to the city secretary on a form provided for that purpose. Such form shall be sufficient if it includes the following information:


    The name, address and telephone number of the applicant, together with the classification of such applicant, and if the applicant is a firm or corporation, the application shall show the individual members of the firm and the officers of the corporation.


    The business address of the applicant.


    The time period during which business will be conducted.


    The location where the business will be conducted.


    Whether or not the applicant or any coprincipal or employee has been found guilty of any criminal offense defined in V.T.C.A., Penal Code Title 7 or their criminal equivalents by any court of competent jurisdiction and, if so, the venue of such offense and penalty imposed.


    Whether or not the applicant has been or is a party to any civil litigation arising out of sales or purchases of any goods or services and, if so, the identity of other parties to the suit, the location of the suit, and the outcome of the suit.


    Whether the applicant has ever before engaged in business under another name and, if so, the name assumed by such business.

(Code 1968, § 23½-2)