§ 26-47. Application.  

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  • (a)

    Any person desiring a license to operate a billiard hall shall file with the city secretary a written sworn application on the form provided by the city for such license, which application shall state the following:


    The location by street and number of the place or building and the name and address of the applicant.


    If the applicant is an individual, that he is a citizen of the state and that he has not been convicted of a felony or, if he has, the nature of the offense, and the length of his residence in the city.


    If a firm, association or partnership, all the information prescribed in subsection (a)(2) of this section as to each individual composing the firm, association or partnership.


    If a corporation, that the applicant is organized and chartered under the corporation laws of this state applicable to such corporation or, if a foreign corporation, that such has complied with the laws of this state applicable to such corporation and the same information with reference to the operator or person in charge of the operation of the billiard hall to be licensed as is prescribed in subsection (a)(2) of this section. In addition thereto, a statement as to the names of the incorporators or stockholders and the amount of interest owned by each.


    The previous occupation or employment of the applicant for a period of five years next preceding the filing of his application.


    Such other and additional information as the city council may from time to time deem proper and necessary.


    The information given in such application is for the purpose of determining whether or not the applicant is a fit and proper person to operate a billiard hall, and it shall be unlawful to misrepresent the kind and character of a billiard hall to be operated or any other fact or statement made in the application. Any misrepresentation of any person for the purpose of avoiding the requirements of this article shall, in addition to the other penalties prescribed by law, be cause for the revocation of the license in the mode and manner provided in this division.

(Code 1968, § 7½-8(a)—(g))