§ 22-47. Contractors license required.  

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  • (a)

    It shall be the duty of every contractor or builder who shall make contracts for the erection, construction, repair or alteration of buildings for which a permit is required, and every contractor or builder making such contracts and subletting the same, or any part thereof, to pay an annual license fee to the city in the amount set forth in the fee schedule adopted by the city council.


    The building official shall register the name of each licensed contractor or builder, giving the name, residence, and place of business; and in case of any subsequent change, the building official shall make a corresponding change in the building department's records. The application for a contractors' license shall be furnished by the department.


    Persons erecting, constructing, moving or repairing buildings on their own residential homesteads, as reflected by public records, or other property under their ownership, are exempt from the licensing provisions hereof; provided that such person shall have complied with all other requirements of this Code except the licensing provisions.


    Revocation of contractors' license.

    A contractors' license issued pursuant to subsection (a) may be denied or revoked by the building official, subject to an appeal to the construction board, for the following reasons:

    It has been determined that an applicant for a license or a contractor or builder holding a license knowingly gave false or misleading information on their application.

    The contractor or builder holding a license has been finally convicted of a violation of this Code.

    The contractor or builder applying for or holding a license has been finally convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime which directly relates to the duties and responsibilities of the licensed occupation.

    The denial or revocation of a contractors' license shall be in writing and the reasons given.

(Ord. No. 0-36-01, 10-22-2001; Ord. No. O-38A-06, § VI, 11-13-2006)