§ 14-46. Vaccinations required.

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  • (a)

    Every owner of a dog, cat, or ferret three months of age or older shall have such dog, cat, or ferret vaccinated against rabies. Annual revaccination shall be required thereafter. Any dog, cat, or ferret owner moving into the city from a location outside the city shall comply with this section within 30 days after having moved into the city. Each vaccinated animal must wear a rabies tag at all times attached to a properly-fitted collar or harness.


    Dogs, cats, and ferrets under three months of age may be kept in the city without rabies vaccination, provided they are held in isolation until reaching three months of age, at which time they must be vaccinated against rabies and held in isolation for an additional 30 days. Isolation, vaccination and reporting the completion of isolation to the city is the responsibility of the person bringing such dog, cat, or ferret, into the city.

(Ord. No. O-50-10, § I, 9-27-2009; Ord. No. O-47-12, § I, 10-22-2012)