§ 14-5. Offenses.  

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  • (a)



    It shall be an offense to interfere with, hinder, or prevent the animal control officer, or the authorized representatives of the animal control officer, in the discharge of duties prescribed in this chapter.


    It is an offense to use a stolen, counterfeit, or forged animal license receipt, license tag, license certificate, rabies vaccination certificate, or rabies vaccination tag.


    It is an offense to, without the permission of the animal control officer, take, move, dismantle, or disable a trap, snare, or other device for capturing an animal that has been placed or set by the animal control officer or an authorized representative of the animal control officer.


    It shall be an offense to fail to take action required, or to take action prohibited, by sections 14-31—14-33.

(Ord. No. O-50-10, § I, 9-27-2009; Ord. No. O-2-11, § I, 1-24-2011)