§ 21.3. Preserving rights in pending litigation and violations under existing ordinances.  

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  • By the passage of this ordinance, no presently illegal use shall be deemed to have been legalized unless specifically, such use falls within a use district where the actual use is a conforming use. Otherwise, such uses shall remain nonconforming uses where recognized, or an illegal use, as the case may be. It is further the intent and declared purpose of this ordinance that no offense committed, and no liability, penalty or forfeiture either civil or criminal, incurred prior to the time the provisions of previous zoning ordinances were repealed and this zoning ordinance adopted shall be discharged or affected by such repeal; but prosecutions and suits for such offenses, liabilities, penalties or forfeitures may be instituted, or causes presently pending proceeded with in all respects as if such prior ordinances had not been repealed.