§ 20.16. Temporary zoning, annexed territory.

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    All territory hereafter annexed to the City of Palestine shall be temporarily classified as RE residential estate, until permanent zoning is established by the city council of the City of Palestine. The procedure for establishing permanent zoning on annexed territory shall conform to the procedure established by law for the adoption of original zoning regulations; provided, however, that permanent zoning may be established at the time of annexation in accordance with the procedure set forth in this ordinance and all of its amendments.


    In lieu of the foregoing temporary classification as RE residential estate being applied for newly annexed territory, the city council or petitioner for annexation may apply for permanent zoning at the same time and in the same instrument that is used for initiating the annexation of such territory; and the proposed permanent zoning regulations on the territory proposed to be annexed shall conform to the pattern and procedure established by the original zoning ordinance. The proposed permanent zoning shall be stated in the instrument initiating the annexation procedure, all notices of public hearings and in the annexation ordinance passed by the city council. All notices required by law on both annexation and zoning may be done by one notice of publication when practical.


    On any public hearing to be held in connection with territory to be annexed, the city council may require the planning and zoning commission to hold a public hearing on any proposed permanent zoning for such territory and that such public hearing be held jointly with the city council in such a manner that the public hearing required by law for permanent zoning [is conducted] by the planning and zoning commission and by the city council. One of the two public hearings required by law on annexation to be held by the city council shall be complied with at the joint public hearing with the planning and zoning commission.


    The city council may at any time require that two public hearings provided for in this section be held jointly at the same time and place.