§ 16.22. Creation of building site.  

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  • No permit for the construction of a building or buildings upon any tract or plot shall be issued until a building site, building tract or building lot has been created by compliance with one of the following conditions:


    The lot or tract is part of a plat of record, properly approved by the planning and zoning commission and filed in the plat records of Anderson County.


    The site or tract is all or part of a site plan officially approved by the city council in a planned development district after recommendation by the planning and zoning commission, which site plan provides all utility and drainage easements, alleys, streets and other public improvements necessary to meet the normal requirements for platting including the designation of building areas and such easements, alleys and streets have been required and properly dedicated and the necessary public improvements provided.


    The plot, tract or lot faces upon a dedicated street and was separately owned prior to 1987 to annexation to the city, whichever is applicable, in which event a building permit for only one main building may be issued on each such original separately owned parcel without first complying with subsection 1. or 2.

(Ord. No. O-8-98, § I, 2-23-98)