§ 16.2. Access.  

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    Use of residentially zoned property for access. No residentially zoned land shall be used for driveway, walkway, or access purposes to any land which is nonresidentially zoned or used for any purpose not permitted in a residential district except for ingress and egress to a use existing at the time of adoption of this ordinance which does not abut a public street.


    Access to commercial uses. Where a parcel of property zoned for commercial use abuts more than one street, access from either street to such property will be permitted only if no residentially zoned property lies immediately across such street from such commercial zoned property; provided, however, access may be permitted from any major thoroughfare map adopted by the city council; and provided, further, that one point of access shall be permitted in any case, notwithstanding other provisions of this ordinance.


    Facing of commercial uses. Commercial uses shall face other commercial or industrial districts across a street if within a commercial or industrial zone and shall not face residential zones which may front on an intersecting or rear street adjacent to such commercial or industrial zone, except where property has been previously zoned commercial or industrial.