§ 15.8. Child day care centers.  

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  • In addition to the requirements applicable to day care centers within the districts where such are permitted, the following requirements and regulations shall be complied with:


    Dimensional requirements.


    Minimum lot area. The minimum lot area shall not be less than 6,000 square feet or not less than 30 square feet per child, whichever is greater.


    Minimum lot width, depth, and yard setbacks. Each day care center shall comply with such minimum requirements within the district [where] such use is permitted.


    Buffering and screening.


    There shall be a fence six feet in height surrounding all play areas. Such fencing shall be continuous with latching gates at exit and entrance points. The fencing may be of masonry construction, chain link or wood.


    In the case of specific uses, the planning and zoning commission may require that plantings be placed on the outside of the above required fencing and may also require that such fenced areas be setbacks from any property line, and other requirements as may be required by the planning and zoning commission.


    Additional requirements. Each day care center prior to receiving city approval must have met all State of Texas regulations and present a copy of the state license or permit to operate such a facility to the building inspector.

(Ord. No. O-30-95, § III, 10-9-95)