§ 15.21. Transitional housing.

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  • In addition to the requirements applicable within the districts where such uses are permitted, or those required through a specific use permit granted within the City of Palestine corporate limits, the following requirements and regulations shall be complied with:


    Limitations of use. Such facilities shall be limited to only housing (not less than three months or more than two years) for homeless and shall not involve treatment and/or rehabilitation for alcohol, drugs or other substance abuse.


    Dimensional requirements.

    • Maximum density - 26 units/acre

    • Minimum lot area - 10,000 sq. ft.

    • Minimum lot width - 100 ft.

    • Minimum living area - 500 sq. ft.

    • Minimum yard setback - all buildings and structures excluding fences shall be setback a minimum distance of 25 ft. from any residential district boundary. All other setbacks shall comply with the requirements of the district in which the use is located or as required in the specific use permit ordinance.

    Additional requirements. The site shall be oriented on/towards a major collector street.

(Ord. No. O-25-17 , § I(Exh. A), 7-24-2017)

Editor's note

Ord. No. O-25-17 , § I(Exh. A), adopted July 24, 2017, added provisions to the Code designated as App. A, § 15.19. Inasmuch as there were already provisions so designated, the provisions have been redesignated as App. A, § 15.21 at the editor's discretion.