§ 15.16. Public and private utilities.  

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  • In addition to the requirements applicable to such uses within the district where such are permitted, the following requirements and regulations shall be complied with:


    Dimensional requirements. All such requirements for such facilities shall be in accordance with the principal dimensional requirements of the district in which such facilities are permitted.


    Buffering and screening.


    Equipment storage. Any unhoused equipment shall be enclosed by a chainlink fence of not less than six feet in height without openings except for entrances and exits, which shall be equipped with comparable gates or other screening as approved by the board of adjustments: however, when the equipment is totally enclosed within a building, no fence or other screening device shall be required.


    Residential districts. In residential districts, such facilities shall not include the storage of vehicles or equipment used in the maintenance of any utility or create hazardous effects, however, such other equipment may be stored in residential districts provided it is enclosed within a building or properly screened outside as in accordance with section 15.17.