§ 15.15. Veterinary hospitals or clinics.  

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  • In addition to the requirements applicable to such uses within the districts where such are permitted, the following requirements and regulations shall be complied with:


    Limitations of use. Such facilities shall be limited to the treatment, boarding (not more than 30 days) grooming and short-time breeding of domesticated animals such as horses, cats, and dogs.


    Dimensional requirements.


    Minimum lot area. The lot area shall not be less than 10,000 square feet.


    Minimum lot width. The minimum lot width at the building line shall not be less than 100 feet.


    Minimum yard setback. All buildings and structures excluding fences or walls shall be set back a minimum distance of 25 feet from any residential district boundary. All other setbacks shall conform to the requirements of the district in which such uses are located.


    Additional requirements. Veterinary hospitals or clinics shall not be required to meet any minimum lot coverage or building height except for the angle of light obstruction regulations of the district in which such facilities are permitted.


    Buffering and screening. All buffering and screening shall be a solid fence, masonry wall, or evergreen hedge.


    Additional regulations.


    No such facilities shall be permitted to have outside cages or runs except those permitted in industrial districts.


    All such facilities shall be soundproof so to prevent any noise from being heard outside any building or structure. Outside cage structures permitted in industrial districts shall not be required to be soundproof.