§ 15.13.l. Parking of mobile homes.  

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  • In addition to the other requirements applicable to mobile homes the following shall apply:


    No mobile home manufactured over five years from the date of filing for the specific use permit shall be allowed;


    Non-combustible underpinning shall be installed prior to a certificate of occupancy being issued;


    The front of the mobile home shall face the street. For purposes of this section, the front of the mobile home will always be on one of the longest sides of the mobile home and shall be the side of the home which is more attractive and designed by the manufacturer with the more attractive "front door".


    The lot shall provide all-weather off-street parking spaces for two vehicles (reference section 17);


    Only double-wide mobile homes shall be considered for a specific use permit;


    A legible plat plan of the proposed mobile home location, containing all measurements to property lines shall be submitted with the application on 8.5 × 11 inch unruled paper;


    A photograph of the proposed mobile home shall accompany the application.


    The mobile home must be placed on the lot within six months of the specific use permit being granted or such specific use permit shall become null and void.

(Ord. No. 0-29-99, Exh. A, 9-27-99; Ord. No. O-2-2000, Exh. A, 2-28-2000)