§ 13.8. Procedure for PUD preliminary development plan approval.  

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    Administrative processing.


    Building inspector review. The applicant shall submit ten copies of his preliminary development plan for formal review to the building inspector. The building inspector shall distribute nine of the ten copies to various offices or departments for comments and notations relevant to the submitted plan on any aspects of the plan pertinent to the particular office's or department's realm of concern. Said inspector shall then place the findings on the commission's agenda within 30 days from receipt of application, when practical.


    Planning and zoning commission hearing. The commission shall hold a public hearing to consider the proposed planned unit development plan and determine whether it meets the intent of this article. The commission shall then submit its recommendations in writing to the city council.


    Action by city council. The city council shall consider all the material and comments submitted in a public hearing. The action of the council may be conditional and entered as part of the standards and restrictions for the development of the planned unit development.