§ 13.6. Preapplication conference.  

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    Each applicant shall confer with the building inspector in connection with the preparation of the proposed planned unit development application prior to submission of the formal, preliminary development plan application (conceptual plan). The applicant shall submit a tentative land use sketch for review and obtain information on any projected plans, programs, or other matters that may affect the proposed development. The information to be discussed should include, but not be limited to the following:


    Discuss the relationship between the proposed development and surrounding uses, and the effect of the plan upon the comprehensive development plan of the City of Palestine;


    Discuss the existing and proposed streets, utilities and other public facilities and services within the proposed planned unit development;


    Discuss the character, design, and appropriateness of the proposed plan and its adequacy to encourage desirable living conditions, to provide separation and screening between uses and use areas where desirable, and to preserve the natural amenities of streams, wooded areas, and similar natural features;


    Discuss the open space and recreation areas existing and proposed, to serve the needs of the development.