§ 11.3. General requirements.  

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  • All principal and accessory structures shall be located and constructed in accordance with the following requirements:


    Multiple-family dwellings.


    [ Location of parking areas. ] Vehicular parking shall not be permitted within the first ten feet of any yard setback area measured from the property line.


    Modification of yard setbacks. Yard requirements for projects containing more than four units may be reduced as much as five feet provided the opposite yard is increased equally and provided further that the planning and zoning commission, as a part of site plan approval process, finds such modification necessary in order to accomplish or improve one or more of the following:


    Access to the rear of the property for service vehicles;


    Safe and efficient traffic circulation;


    Adequate off-street parking;


    Usable open space.


    Minimum required usable open space. Usable open space shall be provided in a common area or areas having no dimension less than 20 feet, except areas devoted to balconies which may be counted if no dimension is less than five feet in width and at least seven feet in length. Roof space may also be counted provided it is designed for the safe and convenient use of occupants in the project. A minimum of 75 percent of the required open space must be provided at ground level:

    Less than four units: None.

    More than four units: 50 square feet per unit.


    [ Setbacks. ] All permitted uses, except as provided for, shall be required to have a minimum yard setback from any property line.


    Additional requirements. See section[s] 15.5 [15.6] and 16.7.